Planting Seeds of Hope Children's Center
Sunday, February 16, 2020

Parent Resources

Parent Involvement:
     Here at Planting Seeds of Hope Children's Center, we invite and encourage parents and other family members to participate as much as possible in our classrooms.  You are welcome to visit or call the center anytime.  Upon enrollment, you will complete a family partnership form which informs our teachers of how you would like to help out in the classroom.  We also hold parent/teacher conferences in October to discuss your child's care and development.  Planting Seeds of Hope Children's Center utilizes the Ages & Stages Questionnaire.  This questionnaire helps identify possible developmental delays that can be detected early to best service your child.  We also conduct and send home quarterly assessments and we are available to discuss any developmental concerns at any time. 
Useful Parent Links:
  • Starfall is a great website geared towards literacy development for early learners.  It is educational based and is fun for kids!  It is a free website for all.
  • This website offers excellent tips to reinforce all your hard efforts at home!  This helpful link provides helpful answers to all the questions you may have!
  • This link takes you directly to the Early Childhood Ohio website where you are able to view the current learning and development for birth through age 5. We align our teaching, as well as, our assessment directly from these standards. 
  • This website contains the most up-to-date information regarding car seat laws in the state of Ohio. 
  • This website will provide you with a comprehensive list of all items that may have been recalled in the United States.