Planting Seeds of Hope Children's Center
Sunday, February 16, 2020


We understand that choosing a childcare center is one of the biggest and most important decisions that a family can make.  We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help guide parents when interviewing potential providers.
  •   What is your discipline policy?
     Discipline can be a very sensitive topic for parents, and it is important that you thoroughly understand what discipline approach is utilized and that you are comfortable with it.  Most centers have written guidelines for your review.  Not only do you want to find out what they do, but you also what to find out what practices are prohibited.  If you have a particular concern, set up an appointment with the administrator.  
  •   What types of snacks and meals do you serve?
     Parents and providers often have different notions about what is a nutritionally balanced and suitable meal or snack.  Parents must be sensitive to the fact that child care providers cannot tailor meals to individual children.  However, items to avoid due to allergies should be noted clearly.  Centers should provide you with a detailed menu stating what meals and snacks are served each day. 
  •   What is your staff turnover rate?
     It should come as no surprise that staff turnover rates at childcare centers can be high.  While 30-40% is the average annual turnover, it doesn't mean that is the rate of the center of your choice.  The high turnover rate in most centers is due to low pay for qualified teachers.  Childcare is currently one of the lowest paying fields so it is difficult to retain staff. 
  •   What is your Philosophy?
     Does this childcare center focus more on nurturing and providing quality care or does it have an academic component as well?  How are providers trained and what do they determine as "age appropriate"?  What type of curriculum do they use and how do they assess the children?  How does the provider feel children learn?
  •   Is your building secure?
     Parents should look at the overall building and determine their level of comfort with the design.  Is there a secure check in process for each student?  Is the entry monitored or locked at all times?  These things are important to a child's safety. 
  •   Can I visit or observe my child whenever I like?
     Parents should feel welcome and wanted, and know that teachers value their presence in the classroom.  Does your potential childcare provider give you ways to participate in the classroom whether it is volunteering or helping out with special projects?  Do you feel welcome to come and go at any time or are there regimented visiting times only? 
  •   Are babies fed on demand or on a schedule?
     Some centers vary with their practices on baby's eating and sleeping schedules.  Parents should be looking for a childcare provider that allows their baby to create their own schedule dictating when they eat and sleep.  Centers should always be willing to conform to what the parents are requesting. 
  • What role, if any, does television have at the center?
     Television, unless used for educational purposes, should not play a large role in the classroom.  You are paying for quality care at a childcare center, not for your child to be sat in front of a television.