Planting Seeds of Hope Children's Center
Sunday, February 16, 2020

Parent Testimonials

Here are just a few things parents are saying about Planting Seeds of Hope Children's Center...
"With my husband and I both working full-time, we needed a childcare provider that would be more than just a "daycare", we needed family support.  Planting Seeds of Hope Children's Center has become a critical extension to our family; the staff has played a significant role in helping us raise two intelligent, socially adjusted children, while establishing a strong foundation of faith."
                   ~Jenny Brown

"Planting Seeds of Hope is amazing.  The staff is like family.  They support, educate and care for their children.  My oldest, who is 8, tested #1 on the Kindergarten entry exam.  I currently drive approximately 20 minuets to continue to take my 2nd daughter to Planting Seeds of Hope.  I am looking forward to bringing my youngest son to preschool there also.  I thank Planting Seeds of Hope for their care and time." 
                    ~Niki Shisler

"I am thrilled with the guidance and knowledge my son has received from Planting Seeds of Hope.  I feel he is in the right place and will be well prepared going into Kindergarten."
                   ~Chandra Adler

"Planting Seeds of Hope Children's Center has been such a blessing to our family!  Since starting there, my grandchildren have come out of their shells and have been learning so much from their teachers and peers."
                  ~Linda Greig

"Our daughter loves this daycare, she is always excited to go every morning.  Every teacher has made an impact on her.  You see the caring nature of every teacher when they see her each morning.  I've noticed the teacher for the next classroom makes an effort to be familiar with her before she joins that classroom.  She has grown very much because of this daycare.  I can't say enough great things about it!"
                ~Taylor Family